C&G 2391-52 Inspection and Testing Course


2391-52 Course: Combined Initial Verification and Periodic Inspection and Testing

The 2391-52 course is an all-encompassing training program tailored for experienced electricians aiming to master both initial verification and periodic inspection and testing of electrical installations. This course provides participants with a deep understanding of relevant legislation, advanced inspection and testing techniques, and the intricacies of completing and issuing certificates or reports.

Key Features of the 2391-52 Course:

  • Comprehensive coverage of both initial verification and periodic inspection and testing, ensuring a holistic understanding of electrical installations.
  • Designed specifically for seasoned electricians who either lack formal qualifications in inspection and testing or wish to update and reaffirm their existing skills.
  • Emphasizes a clear understanding of results and measurements, ensuring participants are well-equipped to handle real-world scenarios.
  • Assessment involves a combination of a multiple-choice online test and a hands-on practical task, ensuring a thorough evaluation of the participant’s capabilities.


The 2391-52 course is structured as follows:

  1. E-Learning: 2 days of online learning modules.
  2. Training: 3 days of in-depth classroom instruction.
  3. Assessment: 2 days dedicated to both online and practical evaluations.


Overall, participants will engage in a 7-day comprehensive program to complete the course.

By completing the 2391-52 course, electricians can confidently showcase their expertise in the field, making them invaluable assets in the construction and electrical industry.

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EAL Level 3 Inspection, Testing, Certification and Reporting

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Duration: 7 Days

Expiry Date: Lifetime

Type: On-Site Assessment

Upon Completion: Certificate

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