Choosing the Right Multifunction Tester for Electrical Work



Multifunction testers (MFTs) are indispensable tools for electricians, crucial for ensuring the safety and compliance of electrical installations. In the UK, there’s a wide range of MFTs available, tailored for different electrical work scopes. This article aims to guide professionals in selecting the right tester for their needs, focusing on popular models in the 2023 UK market.

Key Considerations

  1. Budget and Quality: Generally, the price of an MFT correlates with its quality and features. Higher-end models tend to offer better accuracy and additional features, which might be missing or available as costly upgrades in lower-priced models​​.
  2. Specific Needs: The choice of an MFT should be based on the type of electrical installations you work on. For example, Part P domestic electricians might not need advanced features like 400V line testing or phase rotation industrial type RCD testing​​.
  3. Test Requirements: According to BS7671, a total of 7 tests are required to check an electrical installation, but depending on the scope, you may only need 5 of these tests​​.

Top Picks for 2023

  1. Megger MFT1720 (£600 – £810): Known for top quality, this model is a favorite in the industry. It includes phase rotation service, Auto RCD, a 2 Wire Loop test, and a backlit LCD display​​.
  2. Kewtech KT63 (£430 – £480): Offers a 5 in 1 multifunction tester with 16 different RCD tests and lockdown testing for hands-free measurements​​.
  3. Seaward Powertest (£330 – £485): Known for its durability and quality, it features a loop test in 5 seconds, integral probe, and Auto RCD test​​.
  4. Fluke 1653B (£600 – £900): A desirable brand among electricians, this model has a fast high current loop test, variable RCD current mode, and Pass/Fail indication for RCD tests​​.

Categories of Multifunction Testers

  1. Domestic/Part P Multifunction Testers: Suitable for domestic installers and Part P contractors. Key models include Kewtech KT63DL, Dilog DL9110, and Megger MFT1711, offering a range of features like continuity, insulation resistance, and loop tests​​.
  2. Commercial Multifunction Testers: Ideal for more diverse electrical work including shop-fitting and office maintenance. Examples include Metrel MI3125, Martindale ET4000, and Dilog DL9118, offering features like 3 phase loop testing and phase rotation testing​​.
  3. Industrial Multifunction Testers: Best for intensive industrial applications. Models like Metrel MI3102 BT, Megger MFT1741, and Metrel MI3152 XC offer advanced features like power measurements, harmonics analysis, and visual pass/fail loop test indicators​​.

Additional Features to Consider

  • Remote Test Probes: Useful for difficult-to-reach testing points.
  • Visual Pass/Fail Indicators: Simplify the testing process by providing immediate results.
  • Automatic Test Sequences: Increase efficiency in conducting successive tests.
  • Downloadable Test Results: Enable electronic recording and issuing of certificates.
  • Rechargeable Batteries: Offer convenience and reduce ongoing costs​​.


Choosing the right multifunction tester requires balancing budget, quality, and specific needs. With the evolving electrical testing landscape, especially in sectors like EVSE, selecting a model that can adapt to future requirements is crucial. Remember, investing in a higher-end model might save money in the long run due to its extensive capabilities and durability.

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