How to get 18th Edition BS 7671


The 18th Edition Wiring Regulations course, which provides a comprehensive understanding of the latest standards for electrical installations, can be achieved through both City & Guilds and EAL awarding bodies.

Course Duration and Structure
  • The course usually spans three days if taken in a classroom setting. However, there are also online courses available which may offer more flexibility​.
  • EAL offers a course that is considered a short award, covering the full content of BS 7671:2018.
  • This course comprises one unit with 35 Guided Learning Hours (GLH).
Preparation for the Course
  • Preparation should focus on the structure of the Wiring Regulations rather than memorizing all the details​.
  • It’s essential to understand the objectives and applications of the Wiring Regulations, especially the latest amendments, as the course aims to equip candidates with the knowledge and understanding of these regulations​.
  • For City & Guilds, the assessment involves a 2-hour open book examination with 60 multiple-choice questions​​.
  • EAL also assesses understanding through an examination, although specific details on the format were not mentioned in the sources cited.
Importance of the Qualification
  • This qualification is important for practising electricians, electrical engineers, contract managers, designers, consultants, surveyors, and trades related to electrical installations. It ensures that professionals are knowledgeable about the design, erection, verification, and maintenance of electrical systems according to the latest standards​.
  • Obtaining the qualification means you are recognized for having up-to-date knowledge of the Wiring Regulations, which is crucial for safety and compliance in the industry​​.
  • IVY Training Centre stands out as an accredited provider of the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations course, certified by both EAL and City & Guilds. By choosing an accredited centre like IVY, professionals ensure they receive quality training that meets the standards set forth by these esteemed awarding bodies.

In essence, the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations course is a vital qualification for professionals in the electrical field, provided by both City & Guilds and EAL. It ensures that electricians are well-versed in the latest standards, thereby promoting safety, compliance, and best practices in electrical installations.

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